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You never think it will happen to you, or the people you love, but the truth is, cooking fires happen. They are much more common than you think! In fact, the National Fire Protection Association reports that cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fires and fire related injuries in the United States. When you whip up a pot of mac & cheese, throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave, or bake a few dozen cookies, you rarely imagine how these simple actions could go horribly wrong, and yet—a cooking fire is the most likely cause of a home fire.

Anything can start a fire

A young man came home from Costco with a box full of groceries, put the box on top of his stove, and went into the other room. Moments later the smoke alarm activated and the young man rushed to the kitchen to find his box smoldering on the stove top. He bumped the burner knob when he set the box down. Imagine what would have happened if he had left to go check the mail?

Curious cats stepping across the stove top, turning the burner knobs to high in the middle of the night, or the family dog standing on its hind legs next to the stove and spinning the knobs to the ON position. Both are situations where our readers have recounted incidents with their beloved pets. One of these owners even purchased a whole new stove to prevent these cooking fires from happening.

Finally, a woman started heating up a pan for the family meal, then her son accidentally cut his hand open and they rushed to the emergency room. However, in the commotion she left the stove on and was gone for several hours. She returned home to find the house filled with smoke and a burnt pot.

These situations could have had homes lost or even worse endings.

Cooking Fires Happen

Whether it’s everyday distractions, emergencies, or moments of forgetfulness, cooking fires happen. It’s not a matter of “IF” you will have a fire, it’s a matter of “When”. It could be you, a child, an elderly loved one, or even a pet can cause a fire in your home. Since cooking fires occur every 4.5 minutes, prevent a potential tragedy by investing in FireAvert! We have devices for gas stoveselectric stovesand microwaves, which will cut power to the appliance when a smoke alarm sounds. These devices are the most effective way to prevent kitchen fires before they start.

FireAvert Smart Plug Technology

FireAvert is the only smart plug that automatically cuts power to stoves and appliances when smoke alarms sound. Protect your home and family from deadly kitchen fires with FireAvert!