FireAvert Customer Testimonials

“I installed them myself and I’m not Mr. Handyman. It was easy enough to do and it was easy enough to explain to the people as to why. We didn’t have to modify the ovens or do any electrical work. It was just an adapter that goes into the wall, and then the stove plugs into the FireAvert. It was as easy as could be.”

– Dave Vondrachek | Osseo Commons Apartments

“You should use FireAvert because it’ll save you potentially thousands of dollars if somebody decides to have a fish fry in their oven. It saved us. They really do work.”

Michael Lowder | Hawk Ridge Apartments

“You should use FireAvert because it’s a little guardian angel and it’s tucked away in the corner, you don’t even know you have it but it’s there in case you need it. It’s fabulous, because it doesn’t ever go bad, and all you have to do is sync it with your smoke detector so it knows that tone and you’re ready to go.”

– Cheryll Leopold | Home Owner

“We have a monthly meeting that we do for the residents. We explained it to them. There were several that had expressed they were excited because it definitely made them feel safer, especially being in an apartment complex. If one unit catches on fire, that’s going to affect everybody in the building.”

– Crystal Mongold, Hattie Jackson Commons

“I think the FireAvert, long-term, is better because it’s a more permanent fix to the apartment. It’s behind the stove; it’s hidden and it shuts the breakers down, which the cans do not. The cans just release for the fire that’s there on top of the stove. It wouldn’t help if it’s something internal in the stove and it’s not going to trip that breaker.”

– Stacy Griesbach | Peak Management | Glenmary Village

“You should use FireAvert because it will save you operational expenses, as well provide secure living conditions for the residents. We installed FireAverts about two years ago in the entire two hundred and sixty-four apartments. We’ve actually prevented two fires on the property. Before FireAvert got here, we had an apartment fire and it was the whole unit, it was about $40,000.00 to redo everything in the unit.”

– Nick Victorio | Presidio at Rancho Del Oro

“It is very easy to install, from what my maintenance staff has told me. It’s also easy to reset in case it is set off. I do recommend it.”

– Vicky Mendoza | Redlands