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FireAvert is the perfect cooking safety solution for Seniors!

There is an unfortunate correlation between increases in age and increases in the likelihood of dying from a house fire. The National Fire Protection Association reports that “at age 65, people are twice as likely to be killed or injured by fires compared to the population at large.” With this kind of risk, you may be worried about a relative or loved one in their older years cooking on their own—and if you manage a senior living community, it’s most likely top of mind as well. You want the elderly in your care to continue to feel independent, but you would hate for a fire to start as a result. 

FireAvert is designed to cut the power to a stove when the smoke alarm sounds, stopping cooking fires before they happen. This revolutionary device protects seniors from risk and enables them to continue living independently in the process. 

Preserving independence and eliminating worry over cooking fires is the reason many of our customers have chosen FireAvert. Here is what they’ve had to say:

“You should use FireAvert because it’s common sense, practical, safety in place to protect tenants. We’ve got a 420-unit apartment building for seniors. One of the things we wanted to add, without raising rent, per se, is an additional layer of safety against fire. Your residents know that you’re looking out for them. We have sprinklers. We have smoke alarms. We have other systems in place. This is one more layer that protects everyone.” – Dave Vondracheck from Osseo Commons

“I’m the community manager at Washington Heights Senior Residence. When I took over the property a year ago, they had the FireAvert systems. I had not heard of them before. When they started working, I found them to be a godsend.” – Michelle Butler from Washington Heights Senior Residence

“You should use FireAvert because the first building that we installed it in, the resident did have a fire and it worked great. The gentleman left the stove and sat down in his chair to watch TV and fell asleep. The food burned and it set the smoke alarm off. The product shut off the stove and it worked just like it was supposed to. It worked great for us. So, we’re in the process of installing them in the rest of our properties.” – Leen Ann Hubanks from Pioneer Place Senior Housing

“You should use FIreAvert because it saves lives. We’ve had one resident here, she’s going through the stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s. She would start cooking and forget that her pots were on. The first incident, she literally melted the stove. We had those FireStoppers, they didn’t stop it at all. We were able to replace her stove. We put in our FireAvert and we plugged the stove into that. And the next time she forgot her pot, the stove just cut off.” – Lydia Clay from United Church Homes and Services

There’s no question about it—FireAvert is the perfect solution to protect seniors from cooking fires.

Whether the seniors in your care live on their own or in an apartment community, FireAvert will bring peace of mind as they continue to cook for themselves in safety.

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