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If you’ve been reading about FireAvert and looking into purchasing some for your apartment complexes or to use in your own home, you know that FireAvert is the only technology that automatically stops kitchen fires before they begin by turning off the stove—saving properties and saving lives. You may also know that, as the NFPA reports, “cooking causes 50% of all reported home fires in the U.S., equating to $1.2 billion in property damage per year”. Our goal is to prevent your properties from becoming a cooking fire statistic. FireAvert prevents fires and saves you money! 

Saving money is the reason FireAvert was the choice for many of our customers looking to improve the safety of their complexes. Here is some of what they’ve had to say:


“(FireAvert) saves time, money, and probably a building from burning down. I would use it in my home. It saves you money because here, in Texas, we have a lot of building fires. If you’re using FireAvert, you won’t have that problem. You don’t have to rebuild a building from burning down from a fire or doing the insurance claim on your building. It saves time and money.” – Alvin Betham from LBK Management


“It’s actually saving us money. There’s not any kitchen fires happening. There’s not having to deal with renters’ insurance or having residents have to put money out of their pocket to be responsible for any of the cost of any damages to the appliances or any of our structure. I highly recommend it to anyone.” – Vicky Mendoza from Redlands


“You should use FireAvert because a dollar spent today is several thousand dollars saved later. Fantastic product, it addresses every issue. The ease of installation, the compact size, the price point.”Bob Hopkins from Beacon Communities 


“You should use FireAvert because it will save you operational expenses, as well as provide secure living conditions for the residents. We installed FireAverts about two years ago in the entire two hundred and sixty-four apartments. We’ve actually prevented two fires on the property. Before FireAvert, we had an apartment fire and it was about $40,000 to redo everything in the unit.”Nick Victorio from Presidio at Rancho Del Oro


“FireAvert doesn’t expire. The magnetic fire extinguishers we have underneath the range hoods all expire after so many years. You can use it once and that’s it, you need to purchase more. With the FireAvert, the good thing is, is when it does prevent a fire, it’s just a matter of resetting the system to where it could work again. We do not need to go out and buy new equipment to replace what was just used which saves us a lot of money.”Maria Arrington from Willows of Cumming


“You should use FireAvert because it’ll save you potentially thousands of dollars if somebody decides to have a fish fry in their oven. It saved us. They really do work.”Michael Lowder from Hawk Ridge Apartments


The results speak for themselves! An investment in FireAvert prevents fires and saves you money! Click here to get a quote on bulk pricing today!