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As the owner of an apartment complex, you may have experienced a cooking fire in your buildings yourself. And if you haven’t, you might find yourself wondering when it will inevitably happen. The NFPA reports that “1 in every 22 households will have a cooking fire every year. That means an apartment complex that has 100 units will have 4.5 kitchen fires every year!”

Unfortunately, we see far too many news stories about apartment complexes burning down due to accidental cooking fires—dozens of lives impacted and living spaces destroyed from the forgetfulness of a neighbor they may not even know.

Luckily, with FireAvert, you can prevent cooking fires from affecting your properties and the lives of your residents—for good! FireAvert is the perfect solution for fire safety and prevention in apartments.

Hear from some fellow apartment owners who have chosen FireAvert for their properties:

“I’d recommend FireAvert. You should use it because it will stop before there’s even a fire. It lets you know immediately. I’m always concerned that if I do cause a fire that it’s going to affect more than just my apartment. It’s a great amount of peace of mind to know that no matter what happens, there just isn’t even going to be a fire started in the first place. I don’t have to worry about mitigating my damage to someone else. It hears the smoke alarm before there’s ever even a fire.” – Molly Burke

“Use FireAvert. It’s a great way to prevent fires within an apartment complex. We installed the FireAverts at one of our new complexes. Within months we already prevented a fire. A resident left a pot on the stove, basically on full blast, boiling water. It went down to all the water being gone and her room got full of smoke, and then the FireAvert activated and shut off the oven. I  don’t know of anything else that is out there that does that.” – Ken Reasor

“You should use FireAvert because of the liability that we have with some of the fires in apartments, I think it’s something that we can take to make it safer for the residents. I think it benefits everybody. – Stacy Griesbach from Peak Management

“We own apartment complexes and we build apartments for ourselves. I’m the construction project manager and we will continue using the product in every apartment that we have. Right now, we are implementing them into our apartment complexes nationwide. They’ve been a real good asset to us and we like the product.”Wayne Stanford from Abbey Residential

“We have a monthly meeting that we do for the residents. We explained “FireAvert” to them. There were several that had expressed they were excited because it definitely made them feel safer, especially being in an apartment complex. If one unit catches fires, that’s going to affect everybody in the building.” Crystal Mongold from Hattie Jackson Commons

“You should use FireAvert because it’s a good product and it saves lives and saves apartments from starting a fire. Ever since I’ve installed them, we haven’t had any issues at all with any fires.”Greg Hagenstein from Pineview Apartments

FireAvert is the perfect solution for fire safety and prevention in apartments. And it’s the only solution on the market that prevents fires before they can even begin. You owe it to yourself and your residents to learn more about this life-saving and property-saving product. Click here to get a quote on bulk pricing today!