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As you’ve been following along with the last few posts in our Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist series, your home is definitely becoming safer! Your bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens are now safer from fire—using the tips provided from the National Fire Protection Association and the Horry County Fire Rescue. Today, we’re moving on to basements, garages, and the stairs!

Basement Fire Safety: 

  • Workshop area is clean of things that can burn.

  • Hot water heater is set at no higher than 120° Fahrenheit.

  • Things that can burn are at least 3 feet from the furnace.

  • Furnace is inspected and cleaned annually.

  • Chimney is inspected annually and cleaned as needed.

  • Clothes dryer lint filter and vent pipe are clean.

Garage Fire Safety:

  • There is a solid door between garage and residence.

  • Gas powered equipment is stored in an outside shed or garage, separate from the home.

  • Gasoline and other flammable liquids are stored in an approved safety container in an outside shed or garage, separate from the home.

  • Is all gasoline powered equipment stored outside of the garage in a detached shed or separate area?

  • Is your garage equipped with a properly operating fire extinguisher?

  • Ensure you never use gasoline as a cleaning solvent.

  • Do you have a smoke alarm in the garage and / or utility room?

Stair Safety:

  • Stair is provided with a handrail(s).

  • Stair can be illuminated for night time use.

  • Stair tread depth and riser height are uniform to code.

  • Stair landing nosing projections are consistent with other nosings on the stair flight. (You can determine this by doing a “crouch and sight” test. Crouch down at the top landing of the stair. All the nosings from the landing to the bottom step should line up.)

  • Stairs are completely clear of obstructions.

We hope you and your families enjoy these Fire Safety tips and that you’ll take some time while staying home together to make your homes safer and better prevent home fires.

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