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Protect your property from stove fires with FireAvert TODAY!
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Protect your tenants with FireAvert! Start protecting your property TODAY!

FireAvert helps prevent your property and your tenants from becoming another statistic to unattended cooking range fires which are the #1 cause of multi-family dwelling fires today.
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FireAvert is perfect for Multi-family Dwellings, Care Centers, Dorms, New-home Construction, and more. Take advantage of our wholesale pricing by clicking the button below.
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How FireAvert Works

Saving lives and homes is what FireAvert is about. Firefighter Peter Thorpe created a solution to stop stove fires after years of fighting fires that were caused by unattended ranges.

Multi-Family Dwelling Fire Statistics

Property Protection

Millions of dollars in damage, along with hundreds of deaths are caused by cooking fires each year. Most of these are preventable. FireAvert is a state of the art technology solution for cooking fire prevention. People are suffering needlessly and valuable property is being destroyed by avoidable cooking fires each year.

Quality. Service. Support.

We have high quality, high tech fire prevention units for all types of standard stove types, both gas and electric. We will work with you and your staff to provide the necessary service and support to help with proper installation of the FireAvert units. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

No Apps. No Wifi. No Worries.

FireAvert does not depend on a network connection or require you to install any apps or special on site software to manage it. It's a simple, high tech, fire protection solution that is easy to install and doesn't require any confusing configuration or extra setup. Any contractor or staff member with the ability to install the stove will have the skills to install the FireAvert units.

A New Kind of Fire Insurance!

Multi-family properties lose millions of dollars to fire damage from unattended cooking fires each year. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that most of these fires are preventable. FireAvert is a simple, cost effective, high tech solution to prevent cooking fires in your multi-family property.

FireAvert Can:

Protect your TENANTS!
Protect your PROPERTY!
Protect your INVESTMENT!