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If you have children, maybe you’ve experienced the always classic, “I can do it by myself” phase. Here is an example of a young child in that phase and also some fire prevention technology designed to Stop Microwave Fires with FireAvert when children think they can cook something without your supervision… We know this shouldn’t happen, but we know it does!

“When only 5 years old, my son decided to cook his own oatmeal in the microwave alone. However, he didn’t know exactly how much water to use, and the too-dry oatmeal caught fire! Before he knew it, the flames scorched the microwave and smoke filled the kitchen and our home. The resulting fire destroyed the microwave, kitchen cabinets, and scared our little boy.”  

If this FireAvert customer had FireAvert for Microwaves installed prior to this experience, their FireAvert would have turned off power automatically to the microwave when the smoke alarm sounded, saving their kitchen from extensive damage, not to mention saving their little boy from some emotional trauma. FireAvert is the leader in kitchen fire prevention technology, and the 110v FireAvert also can be used to stop fires in toaster ovens, from space heaters, and even with curling irons. 

When microwaves are not used properly, they become dangerous, even deadly, fire hazards in homes. If a fire starts inside a microwave it can quickly spread into the kitchen and then throughout the entire home! The National Fire Protection Agency reports that, “During 2007-2011 US fire departments responded to an average of 7,100 home fires per year in which a microwave oven was involved in fire ignition.” These fires caused an annual average of 10 deaths, 150 injuries, and $31 million in property damage.”

Microwaves are no joke and start deadly fires every day. You can stop microwave fires with FireAvert and protect your precocious children wanting to cook all by themselves. Now, we admit, we’re not able to stop your children from putting something in the microwave with too little water or for much too long; however, FireAvert WILL turn off the microwave for you if your child puts something inside and it starts to smoke, activating the smoke alarm!

FireAvert greatly reduces your risk of having a deadly microwave kitchen fire in your home. 

Order NOW and STOP Microwave Fires with FireAvert!

Stop Microwave Fires with FireAvert